Dried Apricots

There is an appetizing property of apricot which is a nourishing fruit. It is rich in iron and is used in the treatment of cancer. It provides the elimination of toxins in the body and in the blood. Many cancers, especially lung and skin cancer, are protective against it. It gives energy to the body by eliminating physical and mental fatigue. It is a very useful food for children in the age of development, which prevents developmental disorders such as rickets. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Per 100 gr
Enerji/Energy kcal 290
Protein/Protein g 3,55
Yağ/Fat g 0,2
Karbonhidrat/Carbohydrates g 66,75
Diyet Lif/Dietary Fibre g 5,21

200 gr x 24 pcs